Sex Offender Registry. State of Michigan. How to Remove My Name.

Sex offender registry in michigan, how to get off the registry

how To Discontinue Lifetime Tier III Sex Offender Registration in Michigan

20+ TIER III OFFENDERS REMOVED FROM mandatory life registry!

A former registrant explains how he went from mandatory lifetime registration as a Tier III offender to being removed from Michigan's SORA registry WITHOUT A LAWYER!  He pleaded guilty to one indiscretion back in the 1990's and was sentenced to a year in county jail and one-time initial registration on a non-public database.  He had no idea that the result of his decision to plead guilty nearly 30 years ago would be lifetime registration as a Tier III offender.  This  case has been in the works for years but the window is closing fast if you want to be removed from the SORA registry before the law changes.  If your registration start date is before 10/01/1999 you need to pay attention to this testimonial below!  If you don't see a testimonial video here please go to

the new cases also include post-1999 registrants

Learn more about our SORA Self-Help Litigation Manual Vol. II

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